ELTEE Mangalitsa's LLC


    Gourmet Pork  

What make our meat different?  Mangalitsa's are exclusively known to have twice the marbling, dark red meat, juicier and more flavorful cuts, because of their unique genetics.  This breed produces a high amount of fat, known for creating quality meat, lard and charcuterie. 

Artisan Brats 

Fresh Brats


Bacon, Potato & Cheese 

Smoked Brats (Precooked)

Jalapeno & Swiss Cheese

Pepper Jack Cheese (Pictured)

Smoked Flavor

Old Fashioned Frank

Fresh brats can be cooked low heat, on the stovetop or grilled on indirect heat.

The smoked brats are pre-cooked.  Boil like a hotdog or grill on indirect heat.  Just heat and eat!

NOTE: to order go to contact page and designate what you would like to order.  Make sure your order is complete.

Nutrition facts for the lard.  Full of healthy fat, the rendered lard comes in a 1.5 lb container.