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How does our farm work?  Hopefully this blog helps answer your questions in regards to our farming practices.

Our Latest Blog Entry

What do we feed our mangali​tsa's?

This sections is mainly for educational purposes.  We do not reserve the right to judge others eating habits and what they feed themselves.  This is a section to share our thoughts and farming practices.  All pigs eat a plant based diet.  We raise what we feed our pigs, and grind our own feed of corn, soybeans and a supplement.  We have a nutritionist who advises us on the best feed for our animals.

Healthy pigs require healthy diets. Pig farmers work with nutritionists to develop animal diets that:

  • Are nutritionally balanced and age-appropriate.
  • Contribute to efficient growth, such as feed and nutrition strategies to enhance the reproductive cycle and health of sows, feeder pigs and butcher pigs.
  • Follow proper feed processing and feed biosecurity protocols.

Our First Blog Entry

Who processes our Mangalitsa's?

Mangalitsa's take longer to raise, their meat and fat are at it's prime when they are 1 to 1 1/2 years of age.  When ready for processing we take our pigs to a USDA inspected butcher.

A USDA Inspected butcher means that a trained and certified inspector is watching the butchering act to make sure it is humane, safe, and a clean act.  This is important to make sure our customers get a safe product.

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